Best Floor Sanders Reviewed and Tested

Floor sanders have one overriding objective, and that is refinishing floors, a process that definitely yields a tremendous feeling of accomplishment that is quite difficult to replicate. Floor sanders give artisans, woodworkers, and expert Do-It-Yourselfers the opportunity to bring back to life different types of floors that have endured years of abuse. Also, considering the cost of replacing hardwood, homeowners consider floor sanders a Godsend. Floor sanders are without a doubt considerably more expensive in comparison to other types of sanders which makes it all the more important that you exercise a lot of caution before settling on any specific one. The need to get your money’s worth means a lot of time will go into taking a lot of important factors into consideration. Beginners, for instance, are advised to seek professional advice and gain a better understanding of floor sanders and their needs before buying one. With these in mind, the objective of this review is to assist you in choosing the most suitable floor sander by taking a closer look at the important features that make a floor sander. We also provide a list of ten best floor sanders.

Our Top 3 Picks

Black & Decker DS321
  • Black & Decker DS321
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Compact
  • Price: See Here
WEN 6510 Sander
  • WEN 6510 Sander
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Powerfull
  • Price: See Here
DeWalt DWE6421
  • DeWalt DWE6421
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Ergonomic
  • Price: See Here

Criteria for Choosing the Best Floor Sanders


Before buying a floor sander, you need to take a few important factors into consideration, the most important of which is your safety as individual considering that floor sanding generates a substantial amount of dust that could be disastrous to one’s health. Consequently, whichever floor sander you settle on, make sure it comes with a dust collection system that you can dispose of with relative ease or put to alternative uses. The other equally important features are discussed below in no particular order of significance.

Ease of Use and Comfortability

Over the years, manufacturers of floor sander have invested immensely into making their products as comfortable and as easy to use as possible. To this end, a majority of floor sanders these days feature either one or two large grips with the aim of giving you more control to better maneuver the floor sanders. Soft and rubberized grips are renowned for their exceptional absorption of vibrations that would otherwise cause fatigue after a few minutes of sanding or in the worst case scenario, a permanent injury. Whenever possible, you should consider having an hands-on experience with the floor sander you intend to buy to know whether or not it overheats with hours of continuous use.


The versatility that comes with operating a floor sander with a variable speed feature is something you need to keep in mind when shopping for your next floor sander. Floor sanders with variable speeds give you freedom of dictating the speeds in accordance to the roughness or smoothness of the surface you intend to sand. Hard floors will need higher speeds compared to softer ones.

Power and Portability

Floor sanders are either battery-powered or electricity-powered and as such, vary vastly regarding power and portability. While cordless floor sanders allow you to work from anywhere without limiting your freedom of movement, there are slightly less powerful compared to their corded counterparts who, on the other hand, lack similar portability. Consequently, you have to decide whether you are willing to sacrifice power for unlimited portability or whether you’d rather have a portable tool that is not as powerful.

10 The Best Floor Sanders


1. Black & Decker DS321

With dimensions of 3 x 21-inches, the Black & Decker DS321 Dragster 7-Amp Floor Sander continues to gain tremendous traction for its low-profile design. One of the most prominent features of the floor sander is its retractable hood that comes handy for tackling intricate sanding applications. The sander also has a compact and lightweight design that brings you a lot closer to the surfaces you intend on sanding or finishing. Additionally, the sleek design and inclusion of a front roller allow for efficient sanding in hard-to-reach and intricate places such as below cabinets and the spaces between banisters.
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Another advantage to a lightweight and compact design is that it greatly helps with maneuverability as it makes it possible for you to easily lift the floor sander compared to other bulkier, commercial-grade floor sanders. Lifting the Black & Decker DS321 Dragster 7-Amp Floor Sander will, therefore, be a stress-free endeavor, enabling you to work for a long period without ever experiencing any fatigue. While the general perception is that lightweight tools lack the optimal performance of their bulkier and heavier counterparts, this is not always true, especially for the Black & Decker DS321 Dragster 7-Amp Floor Sander. With its 7-Amp motor, the Black & Decker easily outperforms several costlier top model floor sanders by delivering exceptional results both at home and on the construction site.

The thoughtful design of the floor sander also aims at making it as comfortable and as easy to use as possible. There is a handle that you can easily adjust and set to as much as three different positions ensuring additional comfort and control which is important if you are the type of person with a keen eye for precision. You will additionally have an easy time keeping your belt in position while sanding, thanks to the tool's adjustable belt tracking system. The list of worthwhile features continues with the inclusion of a belt release lever that reduces the time it takes to replace worn-out belts with a single move. There is also a dust bag that greatly simplifies the process of removing dust.

The Black & Decker DS321 is simply a great choice for Do-It-Yourselfers and professional woodworkers looking for a cost-efficient tool for sanding different floor types. The tool is bundled with a twenty-four-month warranty should some of the components malfunction. Being a durable and precise tool, the Black & Decker DS321 is a perfect tool light and heavy-duty projects with a less steep learning curve to accommodate first-time woodworkers.

Comes with retractable hood for tackling delicate projects

Compact and lightweight design

Easy maneuverable

Comfortable and as easy to use



Not ideal for heavy duty sanding

2. WEN 6510

No brand directs as much time, effort and resources in making the best floor sanders for the home improvement and remodeling industry as WEN does, as proved by its WEN 6510 Oscillating Spindle. Having spent an ample amount of time in the industry, it can demonstrate its craftsmanship and expertise with the WEN 6510 by bundling it with several useful features that appeal to all woodworkers and Do-It-Yourselfers. The floor sander takes pride in being a powerful, top-performing and extremely precise tool that has consistently attracted positive praise both from professional woodworkers and Do-It-Yourselfers. In the next paragraphs, we delve deeper into the features of the floor sander by highlighting both its positive and negative attributes.
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To start-off, the WEN 6510 comes with a very powerful 3.5 Amp motor capable of achieving maximum speeds of 2000 rotations per minute. There is also a no-load functionality that comes in handy for creating the most professional-looking finishes in such hard-to-reach places such as angles, curves and several other uneven spots. The floor is similarly capable of oscillating at 58 orbits per minute with a corresponding traveling per of 5/8-inches.

All the features are brought together in a compact and lightweight design that weighs a mere 35 pounds, allowing you to work for a protracted period without suffering any significant fatigue or experiencing joint pains. In spite of its compactness, the floor sander does not leave out any vital features, neither does it sacrifice on efficiency and comfortability. Contrary to expectations, the small stature instead fulfills the expectations of woodworkers by making the tool more powerful and functional. Similarly, the compactness enhances portability and saves on storage space meaning that moving the machine from one place to another can be accomplished with the least effort.

The 1/2-horsepower 3.5 Amp motor gives you a quiet and peaceful operation by significantly reducing vibrations and is more than capable of handling huge loads effortlessly. Furthermore, attaching a dust collector to the dust port of the WEN 6510 Oscillating Spindle Floor Sander is a hassle-free endeavor and works wonderfully by minimizing the amount of dust produced by sanding. Unboxing the floor sander and getting to work takes a matter of seconds or a few minutes in the case of beginners. Initial adjustments to be made are kept to a bare minimum, a move that greatly reduces the learning curve. Even though the internal components are made out of plastic, they are nonetheless quite durable and can withstand the heat generated following prolonged hours of use. You will be able to enjoy a 24-month warranty with each purchase, so you don't have to worry about the machine breaking down during that period.

In a nutshell, the WEN 6510 guarantees you exceptional performance for all your floor sanding projects. It is a lightweight and compact tool with a powerful 3.5 Amp motor allowing it power quickly through any project. It is ideal for light-duty and medium-duty projects, but that is not to say that you cannot occasionally use it for some commercial applications. In spite of some of its plastic parts, WEN 6510 is a powerful and top-performing floor sander that is simply irreplaceable.

Powerful 3.5 Amp motor for exceptional performance

Lightweight and compact

No-load functionality

Ideal for light-duty and medium-duty projects


Cheap plastic components

3. DeWalt DWE6421

There is no product that better demonstrates the art and craftsmanship of the Dewalt brand than the DeWalt DWE6421 Orbit Sander. Being electricity-powered, it is both time and energy saver, continuously providing you with efficient and effective operation with impressively high levels of precision. The high performing, easy to use and powerful DeWalt DWE6421 is equipped with a powerful 3.0 Amp motor capable of effortlessly spinning the pad at an astounding 12,000 orbits per minute.

The model features a conspicuously smaller size that is neither too high nor too short for increased manoeuvrability, enabling you to simultaneously keep an eye on your workstation when sanding.
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To enhance portability, it has rubber over-mold in several crucial parts as well as a distinct counterbalance construction that does a great job in decreasing and in some cases eliminating the severity of vibrations while enhancing easy movement. As a result, the DeWalt DWE6421 operates smoothly and quietly, making the use of the tool a pleasing experience.

The tool's switch is protected from the damaging repercussions of dust produced by sanding by the use of a dust-seal, thereby ensuring the switch last for a considerable amount of time. The sophistication of it does not stop there. The tool is fitted with a very practical and functional dust collection mechanism that interfaces with the brand's dedicated vacuum locking system. The device's dust bag, other than featuring an innovative design and a one-hand locking system, is compatible with several of DeWalt's dust collectors such as DWV010 and DWV012. When all these features are put together, you get a tool that is ideal for a wide range of projects such as sanding all types of wood floors, metals, and plastics.

The fact that it has an extraordinary rating on several trusted websites such as is a testament to its likeability by a large percentage of professionals and Do-It-Yourselfers. Its preference for almost any kind of sanding proves that the floor sander is compact and offers quality performance. The intelligence, artistic and robust construction and power of the DeWalt DWE6421 means that starters can manage it with exceptional ease while professionals can use it to give their surfaces a quality finish. The machine similarly features an ergonomic design specifically aimed at increasing comfortability by ensuring a firmer grip and additional control, which in turn increases reliability when sanding. The manufacturer goes a step further to increase the effectiveness of it by making it an efficient power consumer considering that it has a modest 3.0 Amp motor.

Despite its extraordinary features, the DeWalt DWE6421 comes with its fair share of setbacks. Several former and current owners point out that the floor sander’s dust bag is not as efficient as the brand claims as it sometimes blows off dust even when under operation. Another conspicuous setback is the lack of a variable speed feature which is quite important given that the machine has a powerful motor. Consequently, the model may not be quite ideal for completing large projects.

Rubberized, soft grip handles adding to your comfort

High performing, easy to use and powerful

Over-mold and counterbalance for reduced vibrations

Intelligence, artistic and robust construction

Ergonomic and compact design


Lack of a variable speed capability

Inefficient dust bag

4. Bosch OS50VC

The recent entry of Bosch OS50VC into the home improvement and remodelling industry has completely changed the industry, with professional woodworkers and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers attesting to its superior handling and exceptional comfort.

A combination of several important features such as an almost indiscernible vibration allowing for a quiet operation and the inclusion of a convenient sandpaper clamping system means you can use the floor sander hustle-free for a prolonged period. Additionally, it comes with an industrial-grade suspension system made up of as much as eight foam blocks that do a wonderful job ensuring the grip area, and the motor and gearing. The move is aimed at ensuring the vibrations do not interfere with the handling of the floor handler.
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According to expectations, the more powerful a floor sander is, the greater and quicker will be its performance, and this observation also holds true for this model. The 3.4 Amp motor provides it with greater power when compared to other floor sanders in its class. As a result, Bosch OS50VC can sand different surfaces and remove paint a lot faster and with surprising precision. Furthermore, the floor sander comes with a Sheetlock paper clamping mechanism that conveniently increases the tension of the paper for efficient clamping. The objective of the mechanism is to hold the paper totally horizontally on the surface of the sanding backing pad, whose softness allows for the accommodation of contours and jaggedness. The beauty of the floor sander is that it is compatible with older Bosch 0.25-inch sheet finish sanders. The ease with which the clamping system allows for the attachment of paper on the sanding plate can only be rivalled by the speed at which it creates holes to facilitate the elimination of dust.

It comes with additional features that not only make it a top sanding machine but also increasing versatility, comfortability, and ease of use. For instance, the variable speed features allow you to decide on any speeds between 8,000 and 11,000 orbits per minute. You can, therefore, work on different types of floors with relative ease by choosing the most appropriate speeds. Also, multiple crucial spots have rubberized, soft grip handles that significantly reduce the chances of suffering from fatigue following hours of extended use. You will experience unprecedented flexibility and versatility while trying to gain access to hard-to-reach locations thanks to the detachable additional handle. Like most floor sanders, the Bosch OS50VC has a due-cast aluminium gear housing that makes it more stable and significantly increases its shelf life.

In summary, the Bosch OS50VC is definitely a worthy investment. The tool does not suffer from the same disruptive vibrations that inflict other floor sanders, meaning that the tool operates smoothly and quietly. The floor sanders without a doubt give your floor that professional-looking finish and comes with an excellent dust collection mechanism that leaves your workstation dust-free and clean. Loading the sander with paper is a straightforward and stress-free endeavour that takes a matter of seconds.

Superior handling and exceptionally comfortable

Indiscernible vibration allowing for a quiet operation

Convenient sandpaper clamping system

Powerful 3.4 Amp motor


Not ideal for heavy-duty applications

Has a steep learning curve

5. Makita B06030

Makita is a brand that enjoys a positive and strong reputation for manufacturing top rated sanders throughout the world and should you be in search of a floor sander that comes packed with all the essential features for that smooth and flawless finish, then Makita B06030 is your best bet. Floor sanders with a variable speed feature, such as this Makita model, is known for their versatility, which necessary for the successful completion of any professional or Do-It-Yourself task.

There are several factors that when put together, make it stand out from its fiercest competitors. The most important of these factors are construction quality, performance and those features that users look out for in floor sanders. The Makita B06030 for instance, is highly customizable, allowing you to dictate rotations per minute in accordance with the type of floor you intend to sand.
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It comes with a powerful 2.7 Amp motor that is considerably less quiet, reducing vibrations by an astounding 30 percent in comparison to its counterparts. Unlike other brands, Makita does not compromise in any aspects, managing to come up with a tool that reliably delivers a clean and exceptionally smooth finish each time while still delivering the power and comfort required for prolonged use. You can easily choose any speed between 4,000 and 10,000 orbits per minute (OPM) that to its variable speed feature. More abrasive surfaces will obviously require that you employ considerably higher speeds while slower speeds will be more suitable for softer surfaces.

The robust construction of the Makita B06030 together with the durability of its metal components ensures it maintains a cool operating temperature for much longer thereby minimizing the possibility of the floor sander overheating. Sanding for a prolonged period will not lead to the falling off of the tool's hook and loop abrasive discs, meaning that you will be able to change the sanding pads effortlessly. The design of the floor sander allows for long and continuous use due to the inclusion of an adequately large trigger button and the conveniently located button lock. It is worth mentioning that Makita B06030 has a completely detachable front handle making it possible to easily reachable when working corners and other hard-to-reach spots. There is also a dust collection bag that effectively and efficiently helps you maintain a dustless and work setting.

Lightweight and compact at only 5.6 pounds

Ideal for a broad range of applications

Comes with a convenient dust collection bag for a conducive working environment

Powerful 2.7 Amp motor allowing for top-notch performance

30 percent less vibration for a quiet operation

Ergonomic design that allows for continuous use


Dust collection could be better

6. Grizzly G0723 der

While the Grizzly brand is not as popular as other top brands in the floor sanding industry, it nonetheless offers professional and Do-It-Yourself sanders with a broad range of industrial-grade floor sanders. The growing popularity of the Grizzly brand is almost single-handedly assisted by the Grizzly G0723 Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Floor sander that puts smooth finishing touches on various types of surfaces. It's a top model option offering you multi-adaptation functionality making it the preference of a large majority of professionals. In spite of its high-end functionality, the floor sander is reasonably and realistically priced and has a not-so-steep learning curve to appeal both to first-time and veteran users. The most impressive features of the Grizzly G0723 Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Floor Sander are its powerful motor and impressive oscillations in the industry.
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The Grizzly G0723 is a versatile and functional floor sander that is as powerful as it is a tabletop performer. The tool comes with a 0.5-horsepower motor and 2.6 Amps at 60Hz that provides more than adequate power to finish even the most-demanding Do-It-Yourself applications quickly. The device provides you with no-load sanding, offering you maximum speeds of 1725 rotations per minute. It is made out of lightweight materials that bring its weight to approximately 50 pounds which provide sufficient downward force eliminating the need to clamp it while using it.

It has a long-lasting and robust cast iron table providing you with a great workstation that is adequately strong. The ultra-strong base eliminates the development of several performance issues without significantly increasing its weight, as is the case with most floor sanders. Neither does the cast iron table limit the portability of the floor sander, allowing to still move with relative ease from one location to another.

The Grizzly G0723 has very smooth oscillations and lightweight design preventing it from wandering aimlessly on the sanding surface while using it. On a negative note, though, the floor sander has a dust port measuring just 2-inches, which is not sufficiently large.

In all, it's a perfect choice for professional sanders and Do-It-Yourselfers looking for a professionally built floor sander. It is cost-efficient and ideal for doing a wide variety of sanding applications.

Reasonably and realistically priced

Powerful motor with impressive oscillations

No-load sanding

Long-lasting and robust cast iron table


The dust port measures a mere 2-inches

Not powerful enough for heavy-duty operations

7. Rust-Oleum Varathane

Even though Rust-Oleum Varathane EZV Floor Finish Sander does not enjoy the kind of traction that bigger brands are most proud of, it is nonetheless worth mentioning for a variety of factors. It delivers exactly the kind of performance it promises and is packed with all the features necessary for a greater and versatile performance. Despite being a commercial-grade floor sander, the Rust-Oleum Varathane EZV Floor Finish Sander is more reasonably and realistically priced when compared to a majority of other floor sanders in the market. Its price is in no way a reflection of its performance considering that it provides the user with top-notch performance both at aggressive and finishing sanding.
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The versatility of it makes it an ideal tool for a wide range of applications. Its impressive ease of use also means that first-time owners will not find it daunting using it for the first time. It comes with easy and straightforward instructions with a not-so steep learning curve to boost. Furthermore, maintaining the sander is quite easy and takes just a couple of minutes or seconds for those familiar with how it works. The implication, therefore, is that both veteran and first-time Do-It-Yourselfers will be able to use it for a prolonged period without worrying about maintenance issues.

One of the most prominent features is its ability to minimize, or in some cases entirely eliminate airborne dust that sets it apart from its closest competitors. The tool has the ability to minimize otherwise harmful dust by an astounding 90 percent, leaving your work station dust-free and conducive to work around. The airborne dust elimination feature makes the Rust-Oleum Varathane a worthwhile consideration worth investing your money. With a weight of 160 pounds, the floor sander is considered adequately rugged to take on even the toughest projects while remaining compact and lightweight enough to allow for versatility and flexibility, not to mention portability.


Easy to use

Offers dust-free operation for that clean and conducive environment

Sufficiently rugged for heavy-duty operations


Not as portable as other cordless floor sanders

8. Clarke Super 7R

The Clarke Super 7R is without a doubt one of the best performing floor sanders in the market today. Its lightweight and compact design allow you to reach places that would otherwise be difficult to reach through other means, such the outside of the floor. Such accessibility assists you in complementing the entire sanding project and is the most appropriate tool to covering the entire floor. The versatility of the Pullman Holt Gloss Boss Mini Floor Scrubber B200752 is also informed by the fact that its engineering allows it to handle heavy-duty projects easily.

The components of the Pullman Holt Gloss Boss Mini Floor Scrubber, both internal and external, are constructed out of ultra-strong and therefore quite durable materials, which is a true representation of Clarke's commitment to quality and performance.
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There is not a single part of the floor sander that is made from plastic meaning that you can comfortably use the tool for hours on end every day without having to worry about it suffering any significant wear and tear. Accidentally dropping it will not leave a deep dent on its body neither will it break any parts of the floor sander. That is not to say, however, that you should handle it carelessly.

The B200752 features an ergonomic construction, especially on the hand grips. The strategic molding of the big handles on top of the machine significantly reduces the effort you will use in moving the floor sander around and firmly holding it. Though it is lightweight, it is nonetheless heavy enough to create an adequate down force on the sanding disk. Consequently, all you will be doing is guiding the floor sander over a specific area without having to apply excessive downward pressure necessarily.

It has more than adequate power to sand nearly all types of floor types. You only need to apply a small amount of pressure on the sanding disk because the excessive pressure will automatically create gauges all over the floor. The floor sander leaves behind a perfect finish. No matter the number of oaks on our oak, the Pullman Holt Gloss Boss Mini Floor sander was able to leave behind a smooth surface, taking the shortest period possible. You can effortlessly sand within 0.5-inches of a wall without ever touching the wall with the sander only coming out in the corners. The floor sander comes with a one horsepower motor, a seven-inch sandpaper disc, a speed of 2,800 rotations per minute, a 600-cubic inch filter bag capacity, in addition to a rugged coated gear box for increased versatility. In spite of the ruggedness of its construction, the floor sander still manages to be compact and light, with a weight of just 40 pounds.

The Pullman Holt Gloss Boss Mini Floor sander has a surprisingly functional dust collection feature that uses a built-in sack which effectively eliminates an impressive 98 percent of dust debris. While you will still have to contend with working in an area with 2 percent of visible dust particles, you will spend relatively little time cleaning up your work station. Consequently, you may have to use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the remaining dust. In all, while the dust collection mechanism is not perfect, it is time and energy saving, making it easy to clean up the workstation after you are done.

Lightweight and compact design for extreme maneuverability

Ideal for heavy-duty operations

Sturdy and durable construction

Ergonomic design

Powerful 1-HP motor capable of 2,800 RPM



A little bulky

9. Clarke 07081B

The Clarke 07081B is a perfect embodiment of perfection, providing you with top-shelf performance, versatility, and flexibility. The floor sander overshadows most of its closest competitors in performance, cost-efficiency, and all the important factors that dictate the superiority of a floor sander. The sander is additionally a very secure investment providing you with several performance options which are one of its unique aspects, meaning that it will maintain its immaculate appearance for the next several years irrespective of the amount of work you subject it to.
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Clarke 07081B is capable of accommodating a very broad surface area at one go given its extensive 12 x 18 dimension, implying that it is just as large as it is versatile. There is a powerful 1-horsepower motor providing the tool with plentiful of power to sand through different types of surfaces both hard and soft. The floor sander easily and seamlessly achieve speeds of up to 3450 orbits per minute which is way faster than all other in the market. With such astounding speeds, you will be finishing and sanding an extensive space in no time at all. Furthermore, there is an independently operating dust collection fan that works wonderfully by collecting all the dust generated by sanding leaving your workstation fresh and dust-free. The Clarke 07081B offers the user a torque-less operation, which, coupled with its general ergonomic design, means you can comfortably use the tool for as long as you deem fit.

To make it durable and extend its shelf-life, it comes with a strong all-iron construction and a perfectly sealed motor to ensure its delicate internal components are given an extra protection against the damaging effects of dust. The inclusion of a fan also ensures the tool operates at a very low temperature thereby reducing the likelihood of the motor overheating even with hours of continuous use. These are some of the most crucial factors that professional woodworkers and expert Do-It-Yourselfers pay particular attention to.

Surprisingly, though, the 07081B is reasonably priced given its utmost performance in sanding and its quality construction. The floor sander is guaranteed to provide you with several years of exceptional performance and with proper case and frequent maintenance, you just might never see the inside of a repair shop. Meaning that you will save yourself a lot of money and unnecessary trips to the manufacturer. It can, therefore, be reliably said that the Clarke 07081B is an ideal floor sander to use in removing scratch patterns and other unwanted things from your floor, leaving it very smooth and flat and ready to be refinished.

Enclosed powerful motor for dust-free operation

High-end construction for top performance

Ideal for sanding wide range of floors



10. WerkMaster Termite

Floor sanders are critical to home improvement and renovation projects and should you be in search of a powerful one that perfect for sanding different types of floors as well as decks and landings, then look no further than the WerkMaster Termite XT Wood one. Since floor sanders are varied priced, you to exercise extra caution to ensure you end up with one guaranteed to give you your money's worth, especially for professional woodworkers and Do-It-Yourselfers. The WerkMaster Termite XT offers you quick and powerful performance just like the brand claims on its website. It is perfectly optimized for exceptional performance to meet the requirements and needs of most professional sanders.
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The most outstanding aspect is its distinct sandpaperless system which is the most suitable and the top preference of professional woodworkers who are set on giving their floors, decks, and landings a high-quality finish. The system makes it unnecessary to have drums and belt sanders thereby reducing the possibility of the tool suffering mechanical problems. The floor sander is highly customizable, giving you the freedom of sanding, edging, finishing, grinding, buffing, and polishing in according to your preference. Because it is a multi-purpose tool, it eliminates the need to store several other tools making it a cost-effective tool that saves on space and time.

It is capable of transforming into a multi-purpose apparatus by pairing it with several other kits which imply that serious professional and Do-It-Yourself sander should be in possession of one. It is a versatile and flexible tool that conveniently replaces at least seven other tools. You should further note that while the WerkMaster has done away with most internal components such as chatters, divots, and small marks, its performance does not suffer even slightly. If anything, the reductions have only made the floor sander a much faster and powerful tool. If you were to go as far as attaching a compatible vacuum system, you would end up with a tool that is not only totally dust-free for that much-desired working environment, but also the most versatile tool for finishing and sanding your floor.

Nonetheless, like most floor sanders, it also has a few drawbacks that are worth mentioning. The versatility and superior build quality of the tool leave very little room for complaining, as backed by reviews left on such reputable websites such as The floor sander has one of the steepest learning curves in the sanding industry, requiring immense knowledge and possibly prior interaction with the floor sander.

In a nutshell, it should be the first and last priority of professional woodworkers and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers as it combines the functions of several other tools thus saving you money and energy while improving quality.

Versatility as it combines the functions of several other tools

Superior build quality

Quick and powerful performance

Distinct sandpaperless system

Highly customizable


A little bulky


Q: How many types of sanders are on the market?

A: While there are several types of floor sanders on sale, the main ones are belt sanders, orbital sanders, random orbital sanders, detail sanders, and multi-sanders. Belt sanders cover a relatively wider area compared to the other four types and are, therefore, an ideal tool for sanding a huge variety of surfaces such as floors and tabletops. The tool uses a belt of coarse paper extended over rollers. Orbital sanders are your best resort when looking to give your flat surfaces a smooth finish. Orbital sanders come with differently sized base plates that move with a tight, quick orbital stroke in a way that significantly reduces the possibility of scratching the sanding surface. Random orbital sander brings together orbital and belt sander, making it a smooth and quick floor sander. The simultaneous rotation and orbiting of the circular sanding discs leaves the floor exceptionally smooth and free of scratches and is also your best bet giving curved surfaces a smooth finish. The last two sanders, detail and multi-sander have very trivial differences between the first three.

Q: Between coarse abrasives and abrasive paper, which is the most ideal for sanding floors?

A: The most suitable abrasive to use in sanding or finishing would depend on a number of factors,  the main one of which is the type of floor and the patterns you want to get rid of. Even though course abrasives are your best bet for quickly ripping through old finishes and coatings of paint, they tend to leave behind scratches on the floor that are quite an eye-sore. Finishing with superior abrasive paper gives your floor an attractive mirror-smooth appearance. You need to keep in mind that removing thick layers of old paint will necessitate the use of chemical stripper first as they have a reputation for quickly clogging abrasive papers. Abrasive materials come in three grades: P60, P80, and P120 with ‘P,’ which stands for the number of particles denoting the number of particles per square centimeter.


Floor sanders are an indispensable tool for professional craftsmen, woodworkers, and Do-It-Yourselfers. The market is flooded with hundreds of brands providing thousands of floor sanders meaning that the average person faces an uphill task deciding on the most suitable tool for sanding their floor. Nonetheless, familiarizing oneself with the available varieties and the features that set them apart is the first critical step to understanding floor sanders which eventually helps you give your floor the beautiful finish you’ve always wanted. Note that all the floor sanders featured on this list are capable of adequately addressing all your sanding needs as they come with all the features craftsmen look for in floor sanders. We wish you a happy shopping.