Best Hybrid Table Saws Reviewed & Tested

Hybrid table saws bring you the best of both cabinet and contractor saws. Packed with features, reasonably priced, cleaner cutting and mobile – there are a lot of reasons more and more people are going with mixed purpose saws. A hybrid table saw is perfect for those contractors on a budget or when space and mess is a real issue. A good hybrid saw can dramatically increase the output of a workshop.

A hybrid combines the values of two subjects to downsize the negative aspects and maximize the potential of the benefits. This was the intention of breeding a horse and a donkey to produce a mule. In the construction industry, cross breeding has been done successfully to develop hybrid power tools. An excellent example of such success is the hybrid table saw. The hybrid table was created by combining the features of 11⁄2 -hp open-leg contractor saws and those of the 3-hp cabinet table saw. The features of the two saw types combined to develop a saw with the appearance of a cabinet saw and the performance of the contractor saw. This hybrid offers a 110-volt motor power of between 11⁄2 to 2 hp. While this describes a typical hybrid table saw, it is a representative of what happens in the creation of a hybrid table saw.

It combines the contactor and cabinet saw properties since the two are the major types of table saws in the market. However, the manufacturer is responsible for creating a customized hybrid table saw. This implies that different models will present minor differences to indicate superiority as per the technologies of the manufacturer.

Primarily, a table saw sections a piece of wood by cutting it into different sizes. The most important role of a table saw is to rip and cut material. It can also be used to trim the edges of the material of interest. Here, the fence is used to direct the blade and ensure it does not affect the rest of the woodwork. The basic working mechanism is that the saw blade rotates and cuts wood placed on a cutting platform for support. The depth of the cut is determined by the angle at which the blade of the saw is held. Deeper cuts are made when the blade is held higher while shallower ones are made when the blade is held close to the object being cut. The blade also has an adjustable knob to determine the angle of the cut. Moreover, the type of blade attached to the saw determines the cutting outcome. This is how a table saw can be used as a jig saw. Moreover, operators use the fence to guide the cut, ensuring that flex remains minimal. It gives increased stability to ensure minimal wastage of the material as the cut will turn out as expected. The fence helps in positioning the material to be cut or ripped, which should be placed on a working table.

This implies that you can adjust the fence to offer as much grip and guidance as needed for the cut to be made. This will also act as a safety measure to prevent missing the object and hurting yourself or other people within immediate vicinity.

The table saw makes one of the most significant necessities of in a workshop. Amateur users that want to create stuff at home also find the hybrid table saw significant. However, hybrid table saws come in different models. This depends on the features that have been combined, the parent table saws, and the percentage contribution of each parent. Therefore, the functionality of the different models varies according to these factors. The hybrid saw has an advantage over the others as it presents the functionality of two worlds. Here, the operator gets better services at a lower price, enjoying the benefits of both parent saws without the extra expense of buying both saws. Combining the cabinet and contractor saw properties results in a scenario where the base is similar to the cabinet saw’s base, housing a motor. The hybrid saw is also lighter as compared to the cabinet saws, although it is heavier as compared to the contractor ones. The cross cutting capabilities of the hybrid saw is enhanced through the availability of a sliding table, often belt-driven.

Our Top 3 Picks

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Grizzly G0715P
  • Grizzly G0715P
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Grizzly G0690
  • Grizzly G0690
  • 4.3 out of 5
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Due to the growing options of table saws out there, and the various digital marketplaces now making claims about the effectiveness of all of these tools, we wanted to go through the options of the best hybrid table saws currently available for purchase and see which ones really deserve the praise they have been getting. We dug through a whole ton of options to present to you what we feel to be the ten best hybrid table saws currently available right now.

We tried to cover a various amount of price ranges, and niche needs to ensure our list includes most of the primary hybrid table saw shoppers. However, this means we had to rate and compare tools made for completely different jobs. This ultimately means the final rankings are very subjective to what we feel were the tools that presented the most value per dollar. You will have to evaluate yourself depending on your personal needs. Think of the rankings more as guideposts than anything.

To further assist you on your table saw purchasing journey, we have also included a FAQ where we cover many common questions regarding table saws, as well as the criteria for which we ranked and judged the tools.

10 Best Hybrid Table Saws



One of the lightest and most portable hybrid saws that can still jump in and handle some of the tougher cuts. Make quick and easy adjustments and handle trim and wood flooring in a snap. A large selection of woodworkers can find a lot to love with this Dewalt table saw.
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Key Features:

Shipping Weight: 90 LBS
Motor: 15 amp Motor
Arbor speed:4800 RPM
Rolling stand. Made for simple setup and breakdown. Excellent stability
Fence rails retract. Saw can form a small and portable package
Onboard storage system
Flip over ripping fence allows for narrow rip cuts


This is a very low priced saw that is still capable of tasks done by set ups costing five times as much. If you are in need of some seriously portable woodworking power, then this tool can hold a substantial amount of value for the convenience it can bring to your life.

Who Should Buy This?

Deck builders and serious woodworkers who need to add portability to their repertoire of woodworking capabilities. The relatively low cost also makes this tool a great option for hobbyists and homeowners.

Portable and lightweight

Great design to have enough durability at such a low weight


Plastic fence

2. Grizzly G0715P

On paper this Grizzly appears near identical to the Shop Fox, the biggest difference being this item ships for 30lb less. This Grizzly also combines the size and mobility of a contractor saw with the features of a cabinet saw near perfectly - striking the same balance. In fact, these are pretty much the same product but pass through different distributor and are often given varying prices. Check this against the Shop Fox and see which is currently a better deal.
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Key Features:

Shipping Weight: 404 lbs.
Motor: 2 HP, single-phase, prewired 220V | 110V/220V
Arbor speed: 3850 RPM
Easy-glide fence set up
Quick-releases for both the blade guard and the riving knife
Knobs adjusted fence
Dado blade table inserts
Blade guard allows enabling or disabling of anti-kickback pawls
Poly-V serpentine belt drive


As with other Hybrid saws, the price is nothing to sneeze at, but the price still lands in the same arena as other professional cabinet saws. Durable and likely to last you quite a while, this is a solid investment.

Who Should Buy This?

This is a great tool for workshops that require a saw they can be rolled around without hassle - it is lighter than a lot of cabinet saws. This hybrid saw will significantly improve your output for a reasonable investment.

Quick-change blade guard

Good accuracy

Ease of use

Wheels around easily


Several hours to assemble and adjust

Blade alignment can be tricky

3. Grizzly G0690

Though technically a 10" left tilting cabinet table saws, this Grizzly is versatile enough and comes with enough features and functionality to make it fit nicely on this hybrid list. This saw is made to last and is constructed from solid, quality materials - heavy cast iron trunnions, table and wings. The only downside is that it lacks the mobility of other saws on the list.
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Key Features:

Shipping Weight: 530 lbs.
Motor: 3 HP 220V single-phase Lesson
Arbor speed: 4,300 RPM
Leeson motor
Precision ground cast iron table
Includes riving knife and blade guard
Quick release riving knife
Quick release motor guard
Quick release splitter assembly
Easy-glide fence system
Knurled knobs for adjusting fence


Relatively low cost and made to last forever, this is a solid investment for a workshop in need as much as there ever was one. Make sure you have need of this cabinet saw and a place to put it., it is not easy to move around.

Who Should Buy This?:

Suitable for shops that are looking for a reliable table saw to increase their capabilities but are seeking to do so with a minimal budget. Low on price but more than capable of the tasks you require.


Easy to set up, adjust, and use



Included blade and measurer are mediocre

Wedge and mobile stands will be “must buy” additions

4. LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion 36in.

Mobile, full of features, and sporting a great price. This offering from Laguna tools is a fantastic option for dust collection and versatility. Full of features and built from solid materials, this is a great hybrid table saw. Many users have reported this saw and the fine adjustment dials have stayed accurate well after a year of use.
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Key Features:

Weight Net/Ship: 266/349 Lbs.
Motor: : 110 volt 1 3/4 HP TEFC
Premium Light Duty Table Saw
Fence storage
Hairline readout precision fence
Rip fence push stick for convenience.


Very fair price for a good quality hybrid table saw. Like many of the other options on this list, this saw significantly expands one's capabilities at a relatively low introductory cost. This tool carries a solid price tag, but is built to last - and regarding lifetime use, it has a great value to price ratio.

Who Should Buy This?

This is best for smaller workshops where noise, dust and size is an issue. The saw lets you sneak in with a lower budget and more size constraints than most table saws.

The adjustments are simple

Does not require an electrician to plug in

Long lasting


Dust collector is mediocre

5. Shop Fox W1824

The Shop Fox W1824 is a solid hybrid that really does take the best from both cabinet and contractor table saws. The size and weight are reminiscent of a contractor saw. The added features and decent dust control were definitely net positives.

Packed with useful operational features and reliable mobility - this is a fantastic investment for a smaller workshop.
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Key Features:

Shipping Weight: 434 lbs.
Motor: 2 HP, single-phase, prewired 220V | 110V/220V
Arbor speed: 3850 RPM
Extension table from low friction composite
Miter gauge t-slot
Cast iron table precision ground
HDPE face t-shaped fence


As with most hybrid saws, the cost is substantial but is either the equivalent or a bit less than some professional cabinet saws. This saw isn’t winning points in the price category; rather it justifies the price with usability and durability.

Who Should Buy This?

This is a great saw for workshops that need a saw that can be rolled around fairly quickly - it is lighter than a lot of cabinet saws. This table saw will significantly improve your output for a reasonable investment.

Quick-change blade guard

Good accuracy

Wheels around easily


Several hours to assemble and adjust

Blade alignment can be tricky

6. Powermatic PM1000

Fair value, practical and easy to use, this is a great table saw for the general wood worker out there. A bit bulkier and heavier than hybrid saws generally are, and with a standard dust collection apparatus, this saw strikes a bit of a different balance than other hybrid saws.
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Key Features:

Shipping Weight: 346.8
Motor: Motor Voltage (V.)115/230 | Prewired Voltage (V.)115 | Motor Current (Amps) 15/7.5
Arbor speed: 4200 RPM
Dust collection features
Guard assembly is Tool-less
Stability and accuracy with AccuFence
Increased efficiency and reduced vibration thanks to the belt drive system
Handwheels 7”
One handed blade changes allowed thanks to arbor lock
Beveled edge on the work surface


Solid tool at a fair price. This table easily competes with other tables in the same price bracket, and will often come out of the other end looking a bit better. A great value as far as cabinet saws go. This is a reliable purchase at a good price.

Who Should Buy This?:

This is a solid purchase for any serious woodworker. The table saw will greatly increase your accuracy and abilities, and will likely improve over the saw you had before. It is relatively mid-class but is offered at a fair price.

Decent size

Good power

Easy to set up



Beefy size


7. Shop Fox W1837 10

A “discount” table saw that gives you very solid cutting capabilities at a low cost. Good for a wide range of tasks and relatively mobile, this saw is compact but built robustly. It runs quietly and powerfully.
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Key Features:

Shipping Weight: 260 pounds
Arbor speed: 3450 RPM
4" dust port cabinet bottom
Mobility system foot operated
Steel wings cast iron table
Blade Guard Assembly
T-slot miter gauge
Riving knife included

This hybrid saw can be had at less than half the price of some comparable models. This is the best option for teams on a budget or a hobbyist in need of some occasional sawing. A lot of value per dollar for the right buyer.

Who Should Buy This?:

This is perfect for both the hobbyist and the pro on a budget. It runs quiet and has a small introductory cost, making it ideal for hobbyists and Pros on a budget. The saw will give you drastically increased capabilities at a fraction of the cost of other table saws.




Very versatile


Some of the handles and exterior pieces are flimsy

Some shipping issues may cause pieces not to line up without adjustment

8. Woodtek 159665

Good dust control and robust portability make this a fantastic work saw when space is a factor. Full of solid features and a moveable frame, this is a relatively low-cost option to boost the productivity of your workshop. This is even low cost and versatile enough that it is easy to imagine a number of hobbyists and DIYers finding a lot of use here.
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Key Features:

Net Weight: 225 lb | Shipping Weight: 261 lb
Horse Power: 2 | Phase:1 | Voltage:115/230
30" rip capacity.
Efficient dust control.
Rail mounted switch.
Blade guard and riving knife included.


A relatively low priced hybrid saw. It may require some additions and creativity to fully function at the levels you need it to, but regardless, it gives you these capabilities at a very fair price.

Who Should Buy This?:

Small workshops who need to maximize space and minimize dust. The price makes this obtainable by hobbyists, and the space and mess aspects help make it a solid garage tool as well.


Plenty of power

Easy to use


Poor instructions included

May require some adjustments and upgrades to really be the workhorse you need

9. Delta 36-5052

This is a fantastic, well built, feature heavy, low cost table saw that is unlikely to disappoint anyone at the cost you can find it at. It has a few issues, and a big two person assembly job, but this is one of the best bang-for-your- buck table saws available.
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Key Features:

Shipping Weight: 245 lbs. Net
Motor: 15 Amp Induction Motor, 1 PH, 60 Hz
Tubular Standis unique and provides maximum support and stability
Heavy duty one piece rail system for precision cuts every time
Blade Brake stops blade within seconds of the power being turned off
Heavy duty RH extension board with support legs
Large, easy to access ON/OFF switch


This may be overkill in terms of function for most homeowners and hobbyists, but the price and value means that it is still a realistic option. Great value for a great tool.

Who Should Buy This?:

A “contractors” hybrid saw that is priced well within the range of hobbyists and DIYers. Great for contractors looking for a low cost solution, and for serious woodworking hobbyists.

Runs smoothly

Good flat tabletop


Frustrating assembly

10. Baileigh TS-1044H

This option uses the low voltage and sports the wheels of a contractor saw, but is as accurate and as powerful as any cabinet saw. At the base is a trunnion which limits vibrations, allowing for a more accurate cut. This Saw has an interesting feature included, a digital readout (DRO) for rip capacity.
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Key Features:

Shipping Weight: 260 lb
Motor: 110/220V Single Phase(Prewired 110V)
Arbor speed: 4000 RPM
Welded steel framework limits wobbling and improves accuracy.
Caster wheels on the base allow for easy storage.
Cast table top is webbed into the base, it’ll stay square and true over the years. No
twisting, shrinking, or expanding.
Zero-clearance table inserts.


Another hybrid saw at a very reasonable price. This table is built around functioning for an extended period of time, so may make that price even more reasonable.There are a number of features, capabilities, and build qualities that all add together to create a device well worth the posted price.

Who Should Buy This?:

Great for smaller workshops, or even very ambitious hobbyists, you can get a lot of saw for your money spent - so the places where this saw becomes a benefit are many.

Good quality features



Some pieces sacrificed density for mobility

Criteria for Evaluation


To put together a list that covered table saws in multiple price ranges and with various capabilities, we had to dig through an enormous amount of competitor saws. Once we picked through the tons of saws to create a grouping of the most reliable and worthy tools, we still then had to rank those. In order to conduct these evaluations and eventual rankings, we had to create a sort of criteria which we could reference and work from. Some of these criteria are obvious, like price, while others are more opinion based -like comfort. We did our best to rank and evaluate very different devices for very different niches as fairly as possible.

To help you understand how this was done, we have provided you the list of criteria and an explanation of how we approached each one.

Keep in mind also, that the final “value” we put on a tool is entirely dependent on our fictional needs. It is your real and actual needs that will be the final decider on whether a tool is of value or not.


Price is a fairly obvious metric, and we approached it exactly how you would think we would. If a tool provided a significant amount of value to the worksite and was priced low, it gained more points. If the saw only provided a very narrow range of abilities but was expensive- it would lose points.Comparing high-cost niche to low-cost niche tools is difficult and was done in a sort of price to value ratio comparison.

Power & Speed

Having the right RPM and Motor AMPs is of course important if you want to be cutting through the tougher types of materials. Saws that had a generally higher performance or a greater cutting ability were deemed to be of a higher value.

Features / Design

Most table saws are structured around accomplishing a certain task above all others. Others are made to give you a broad range of decent options. Whatever the purpose of the saw, those that were better designed and functioned as they should with minimal user interference gained a significant advantage.


Many opt to go with a hybrid saw due to its ability to mesh together cutting ability with reasonable portability. Saws that were somewhat mobile, had attached wheels or were exceptionally light got a higher score in this area- as long as they were still durable enough to make good cuts.

Safety features

A few key features like a riving knife or blade guard can go a long way in preventing injury. There is a worryingly high injury rate for people working with table saws. You may think some feature is silly right up until the moment you need it.

How to Operate a Hybrid Table Saw: Safety Tips

Although the hybrid saw presents several advantages over its counterparts, it is also necessary to remain safe while using the saw.

Safety can be achieved by wearing protective gear while operating the table saw. For instance, safety goggles will prevent wood pecks and chips from getting into your eyes while you are working.

The choice of an appropriate blade for your saw will not only enhance efficiency, but also increase your safety while using the saw. Whenever the operator chooses an inappropriate blade, he or she increases the risk for a kickback. The severity of the kickback will determine the effect it causes. This is dependent upon the velocity with which the kickback occurs. In order to prevent this kind of occurrence, keep the blade sharp and clean, and store it with a blade guard whenever it is not in use. The standing position of the operator can also reduce the risk of kickback. A table saw with a dust extractor is also safer as it will not lead to blade jam, dust inhalation, or explosion. The best safety measure is to acquire a saw that can break automatically once an electric charge change is detected. Such a saw is safe to use, as the blade will brake whenever it gets in touch with human flesh, reducing the number of amputation and laceration accidents remarkably.

In brief, the hybrid table saw is a typical saw that helps operators achieve their goal of cutting material, usually wood. The saws offer an added advantage in that they present the advantages of the parent saws combined. The models are different depending on the parent saws as well as the manufacturer. Nevertheless, the hybrid saws are operated as any other table saw, in that they require a saw blade to cut the material. The blade can be held closer to the object to develop a shallow cut, or away from the object to create a deeper cut. Moreover, the angle can be adjusted using a knob available on the saws. The fence can be used to ensure proper alignment as a measure to reduce flex. This ensures that the cut is smooth, straight, and clear.

Taking measures to reduce risk is essential since the hybrid table saw, just like any other power tool, is a dangerous tool to engage. Specific features that reduce the risk, including dust extractors and the ability to break automatically, will go a long way in ensuring that the operator does not regret ever buying the hybrid power saw. Essentially, while the tool is highly effective and faster, it is not risk proof. It is the responsibility of the operator to follow the guidelines in ensuring safety during its usage.


While most people looking for hybrid table saws have a pretty good idea of what they are doing and what they are looking for, a number of people who are just starting to learn about these tools will often read these guides and ask us questions. These are some of the most common questions regarding table saws and saws in general.

What are the Different Types of Table Saws?

types of table saws

There are plenty of different tables saw types, and many tools that fall somewhere in between the basic types, there are also different ways to classify them.The portability of a saw is a common classification method.

The portable saws are the jobsite and compact table saws.These usually come with either wheels or some folding action for increased portability. Benchtop saws are not standalone, rather they require a bench or table from which to be mounted, they are smaller for this reason and also considered portable. Stationary saws like the big cabinet saw and the hybrid saw are made to stay in a single area. Some hybrid saws features some portable functions.

Benchtop Saws

benchtop saw

Small, low cost and easy to move around. These are the smallest of the table saws. This small size means that they are made from lighter materials, and are not capable of making some of the more difficult cuts.Good for garages and small workshops. Used by Pros and hobbyists alike.

Compact table saws

These are generally slightly larger bench top saws– and will typically contain a few more features and functions. Compact table saws are an attempt to meet in the middle between a benchtop saw and a full stand alone saw.

“Jobsite saws” / “Contractor table saws”

Tougher than the other portable saws, these are the high-end portable work saws, made to be light enough to move around but powerful enough to make some serious cuts. THese saws usually come with a host of features and add-ons.

Contractor saws

These are the standard professional saw utilizing a belt drive and large outboard induction motors. These are much less common due to the advancements in other areas of table saw production.

Hybrid Saw

hybrid saw

Somewhere between the old style contractor saws and the large hefty cabinet saws, are the hybrid table saws. These are hard to pin down in terms of universal features, and two hybrid saws can be very different from one another.

Cabinet Saws

Large, powerful and made to last. Cabinet saws are the biggest and baddest table saws around.

What Should I consider in Saw Blade Selection?

table saw blade

Once you know a blade is the right size for your saw, you are going to want to check the teeth configuration as well as either the material of the blade or the material the teeth are tipped with.The teeth work by chipping away at the target material, these chips cause buildup called chipload. The wrong tooth configuration on your blade could create a bad chip load and can lead to serious issues.

Chip load will ultimately decide the type of blade you should be using on a material. When you are cutting through coarser material in general, you will want a blade with larger teeth so larger chips can be removed at a time. For thinner materials, then you will use a fine-toothed blade.

What is the Relevance of the AMP of a Saw?

AMP is short for amplifier and is relates to the overall power of the the saw. The higher the AMP, the more power the saw can put into each rotation.

The horsepower of a saw is directly correlated with the AMPs. A two-horsepower table saw will draw anywhere between 18 and 24 amps. 2 horsepower is enough to get through wood about 2” thick.

What is a _____ object?

Blade Guard.

While many woodworkers don’t like to use a blade guard since it gets in the way of measurements and making accurate cuts, using one is the best way to preserve your fingers.

blade guard

A blade guard sits over the blade and helps keep you fingers and extremities at a safe distance.

Riving Knife.

A metal plate that moves with your saw blade to help eliminate kickback.

It is a splitter that lays behind the table saw blade to prevent kickback from stock distortion — a relatively common occurrence during ripping operations.

Dust Collection

Running a saw can kick up a huge amount of dust that can quickly clog up your tool or create unsafe working conditions. Most saws try and help you deal with the dust in one way or another. Some saws collect dust very well, others seem to just be able to help you pile it up a bit better at the outset.

The Fence

The fence lies along the rails and allows you to make horizontal and vertical adjustments.usually you will be using a commercial “T-square” fence, which is easy to use and tweak.

Making Your Decision

Ok, so between the list of table saws, the criteria from which we examined them, the breakdown of the major features, and the frequently asked questions we should have covered enough ground to help you begin to understand what table saw will be right for your needs. Buying expensive power tools can be a frustrating task and we hope to have simplified it as much as possible.

So whether you are looking for a smaller garage saw, or something that can help you churn out dozens of beautiful cuts in a short period – there is something here to fit your needs. Good luck – and remember – build smart, build safe, and build big.