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we tested the best belt sanders Buying Guide
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Best Belt Sanders Reviewed and Tested
Sanding is a step you can’t skip, but it is also one you’d probably most like to. Whether smoothing down a surface, taking off paint or removing glue - sanding is necessary. Luckily there are a plethora of power sanders out there today that can help take the burden off your poor overworked palms. A p...
we reviewed the best torque wrenches in 2017 Buying Guide
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Best Torque Wrenches Reviewed and Rated
Torque wrenches are useful for tightening bolts and nuts on products from the biking and automotive industry. Their significance is informed by the fact that some nuts and bolts have specific torque requirements so as to achieve accuracy and precision. The market is flooded with several torque wrench...
we tested the best hammer drills Buying Guide
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Best Hammer Drills Reviewed and Tested
A hammer drill is your go-to tool when it comes to drilling through concrete, bricks, stones, and wood. The special design of a hammer drill makes it more portable, controllable and manoeuvrable compared to a normal-sized standard, regular drill. The preference for hammer drills is further informed b...
we tested the best jobsite radios Buying Guide
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Best Jobsite Radios Reviewed and Rated
There have been numerous studies done over the years regarding the effects that music has on the brain, and how these effects affect work performance and motivation. Those who listen to music have been proven to work more faster on average and to have a higher level of satisfaction in their work. In ...
we tested the best riding lawn mowers on the files Buying Guide
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Best Riding Lawn Mowers Reviewed
Since the Middle Ages the people who could have kept lawns for aesthetic and recreational purposes. A large and well-kept lawn is a thing of beauty, however, If you own or work a relatively larger lawn (a half acre or more) it can be not only time-consuming but physically difficult to maintain - espe...
we tested the best angle grinders today Buying Guide
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The Best Angle Grinders Reviewed
Looking to upgrade or purchase your first angle grinder? We will walk you through the steps of choosing an angle grinder and list the criteria for which you need to base your decision. The main section of this entry will take you through our list of top ten grinders, their variations in specs, power,...
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