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check out our 10 best caulking guns Buying Guide
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Best Caulking Guns Reviewed and Rated by Our Team
Generally, a good caulking gun simplifies the tasks of spreading silicone or latex caulking to seal up cracks, gaps and to bind materials like wood, ceramic, glass and metal. Caulking goes way back to the days of wooden ships on the high seas and was applied with wedges and mallets. We’ve come a long...
we reviewed the best cable cutters available today Buying Guide
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Best Cable Cutters Reviewed in Detail
Cutting, stripping and dealing with cables comes up eventually when you work on enough projects. Without the proper tools, working with certain cables can be impossible. There is no single type of cable. Aluminum, Copper, TV, coaxial cable, telephone, etc. Each cable has a different strength and purp...
we tested the best laminate cutters in 2017 Buying Guide
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Best Laminate Cutters Reviewed and Tested
Since its creation in the 70’s, the laminate material has seen a constant popularity growth, mainly due to its low upkeep, decent aesthetic, and ease of use. More and more homes are using this material, specifically for flooring to simulate wood or stone surfaces. This high level of popularity means ...
best drywall sanders tested in 2017 Buying Guide
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Best Drywall Sanders Reviewed In Depth
If you work around your home, other people's homes, you are going to be working with a lot of drywall. In fact, in the last hundred years, once drywall became an established alternative to lath and plaster, it became perhaps the most common material in and around North American homes. A colossal 85,0...
the best cold saws rated from 1 to 10 Buying Guide
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Best Cold Saws and Alternatives Reviewed
A cold saw’s ability to displace heat, cut with minimal sparks, and to make more accurate cuts make it ideal for smaller spaces and welding shops that need more accuracy in the finished cut. Cold saw blades are also generally much more reusable than a typical band saw blade. Recent increases in te...
we tested the best claw hammers out there Buying Guide
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Best Claw Hammers Reviewed and Rated
A claw hammer is used to drive and pull nails. While these hammers look and work the same, it is important to understand their unique differences to help you in choosing one that meets your needs. You should consider the weight, shape, and the material of the hammer’s head since it will impact the ha...
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