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bst bench sanders Buying Guide
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Best Bench Sanders Reviews & Ratings
While not an absolute staple item like a table saw or a cordless drill, a good bench sander is an excellent supplementation to any power tool arsenal, and is a great way to add a level of convenience and functionality to your DIY garage. And of course, if you plan on setting up a proper woodworking s...
we tested the best mini wood lathes out there Buying Guide
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Best Mini Wood Lathes Reviewed & Rated
Wood lathes are undeniably an essential part of woodworker’s toolbox, assisting them in the production of perfect symmetrical products. However, for turning wood and other materials around the house, the mini wood lathe is a more suitable and worthy alternative, packing identical features and deliver...
we tested the best floor sanders on the market Buying Guide
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Best Floor Sanders Reviewed and Tested
Floor sanders have one overriding objective, and that is refinishing floors, a process that definitely yields a tremendous feeling of accomplishment that is quite difficult to replicate. Floor sanders give artisans, woodworkers, and expert Do-It-Yourselfers the opportunity to bring back to life diffe...
best hybrid table saws tested Buying Guide
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Best Hybrid Table Saws Reviewed & Tested
Hybrid table saws bring you the best of both cabinet and contractor saws. Packed with features, reasonably priced, cleaner cutting and mobile - there are a lot of reasons more and more people are going with mixed purpose saws. A hybrid table saw is perfect for those contractors on a budget or when sp...
we tried the 10 best mini milling machines Buying Guide
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Best Mini Milling Machines Reviewed and Tested
Milling machines were once solely the purview of large factories and garages. Over time, however, technology has allowed milling machines to become much more widespread in their usage. A milling machine will machine out various materials ranging from wood to metal to create a desired design or surfac...
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