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we reviewed the best mini refridgerators Buying Guide
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Best Mini Refrigerators Reviewed & Rated
You really don’t need a concrete reason to get yourself a mini fridge. Students settling in their new dorm room, the office employees with long hours, the man cave captain trying to decorate their place, and the food enthusiast with a week’s worth of ingredients for their favorite meals, among other ...
best video doorbell tested Buying Guide
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Best Video Doorbells Reviewed & Rated
According to FBI statistics, there are over 1.5 million burglaries annually, and 70% of these are residential, and most of the thieves gain entry through the windows and the doors. Furthermore, there is a new crop of thieves who are targeting Amazon deliveries. In this era of Amazon Prime, over one m...
we tested the best smoke detectors Buying Guide
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10 Best Smoke Detectors Reviewed & Rated
According to the USFA, that it the United States Fire Administration, 60% of all residential fire deaths are in homesteads without working fire alarms. Moreover, half of 30% to 50% of these are in properties without working smoke alarms. Therefore, we can deduce that a functional and well-maintained ...
we tested the best smart outlets Buying Guide
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10 Best Smart Outlets Reviews & Buying Guide
If you want to get in on the home automation train but you are intimidated by smart cameras and other advanced gadgets, then you can start small by installing smart home outlets. These are the first step towards a smarter home, and they are a cost-effective way to improve your house. You can make oth...
we tested the best earmuffs Buying Guide
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Best Earmuffs Reviews & Comparison
Constant exposure to loud, high-pitched noises on the construction site can lead to an irreversible hearing loss in both years. That’s on top of the psychological and physiological toll it takes on your health. And the workers in the construction industry bear the brunt of this trauma seeing as more ...
we tested the best safety harnesses Buying Guide
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Best Safety Harnesses Reviewed & Compared
A safety harness happens to be the most crucial gear in the fall-protection but one of the most under-considered. We presume that one harness will work just as good as the next without taking into account the broad range of features on each item. The features exist to help you select the appropriate ...
we tested the best safety glasses Buying Guide
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10 Best Safety Glasses Reviewed & Rated in 2018
Safety glasses are an essential tool whether you are a mechanic, a carpenter, or a DIY enthusiast. However, they are not the first item that comes to mind when you think of protective gear. We liken them to vegetables which we all know are healthy, but we are busy scarfing dangerous amounts of Nachos...
we rated the best fire pits Buying Guide
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Best Fire Pits Reviewed & Rated by Our Team
When the nights become longer and you desire to spend less time indoors and more time watching the stars, nothing gets better than sitting by a fire pit with your family and friends. The cackle of coals and the odor of wood smoke is the ideal centerpiece for a hangout in the evening. Our Top 3 Picks...
we reviewed the best portable solar chargers Buying Guide
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Best Solar Battery Chargers Reviews & Ratings
Venturing outdoors is a great way of rejuvenating yourself in a world that’s increasingly becoming more hectic. You just want to plug off and enjoy the great outdoors. While it takes you off the grid, you’ll still need to bring with you a few electronic devices such as a GPS-enable smartphone to help...
we reviewed the best welding gloves Buying Guide
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Best Welding Gloves Reviews & Price Comparison
As professional welders would attest, protection is of the essence whenever you're welding. Besides your eyes, the other critical body parts that need formidable protection are the fingers and hands. Irrespective of the type of welding you intend to embark on, you're bound to get seriously hurt if yo...
we tested the best dust masks Buying Guide
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Best Dust Masks Reviewed & Rated in 2018
Individuals living in, or planning to travel to destinations where air pollution is extensive, and don't want to expose their respiratory system, to harmful dust particles, allergens, airborne diseases, pollens, or grass chippings have the inexpensive option of wearing a dust mask. The preference for...
we tested the best motion sensor lights Buying Guide
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10 Best Motion Sensor Lights Reviewed & Rated in 2018
Homes protect everything we value from the valuables we worked so hard to obtain to our family members. But truth be told there are some uncanny individuals out there who might want to take these things away from us. They are usually often after our valuables but sometimes when things get complicated...
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