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Leak free

Performs good in all weather conditions

No dangerous emissions


Less durable than some models in the same series

Hayward H100ID1 Review

Thanks to its induced draft system, the Hayward H100ID1 is capable of working just fine in windy conditions as well, so you can enjoy a warm pool regardless of the weather! Furthermore, its one-piece copper heat exchanger ensures a leak-free performance time and time again. Also equipped with jet-ported Eugenox burners for durability and maintenance-free performance, the H100ID1 definitely deserves a spot next to anyone’s spa or above ground pool.

Where Can It Be Used?

Similar to pool pumps, certain pool heaters are better suited to certain locations than others. If you live in the western U.S. or anywhere above 2,000 feet, this isn’t the pool heater for you, because it’s specifically designed for use below 2,000 feet above sea level.

How It Works

While it’s important to note that the Hayward H100ID1 is designed for small to medium-sized above ground pools under 450 square feet, it’s capable of heating pools of this size within three short hours. With a thermal efficiency of 81 percent, you can simply turn it on and enjoy a steamy spa or warm above ground in no time at all.

Heating Size

As mentioned with good reason a few times throughout this review, the Hayward H100ID1 is only suitable for pools under 450 square feet in size. However, it's more than capable of heating pools up to this size to a comfortable 85 degrees, which is plenty warm for most people. Unfortunately, if you have a larger pool, you will likely find yourself disappointed with this 100,000 BTU pool heater.


In comparison to other pool heaters, this Hayward model is relatively inexpensive. Although it’s definitely not the cheapest pool heater out there, it’s a competitively priced option that performs well and is capable of adequately heating most moderately sized pools. Due to its small size and BTU output, the Hayward H100ID1 is also more energy efficient than most pool heaters on the market today.

Final Words

Like all brands, not all of Hayward’s products are a home run, but the company typically makes quality products that just plain work. Although the H100ID1 is only designed for a limited number of pools and isn’t the most expensive or durable pool heater around, it actually works quite well.

If you have a pool larger than 450 square feet in size, you’ll probably be better off going with a larger model. That being said, this Hayward is relatively affordable, easy to use, and works great for small pools, making it one of the best 100,000 BTU pool heaters on the market today.


The Hayward H100ID1 is an induced draft heater specifically designed for spas and above ground pools. With an electronic ignition system and FireTile combustion chamber, this nifty little above ground pool heater cranks out 100,000 BTUs and operates with a thermal efficiency of 81 percent, making it one of the most efficient pool heaters out there.

100,000 BTU Output – The Hayward H100ID1 Pool Heater is designed to be just the right size for most spas and above ground pools.

One-Piece Copper Heat Exchanger – Constructed from a single piece of copper, the Hayward H100ID1’s heat exchanger is guaranteed to provide years of leak-free performance.

Electronic Ignition System – With a modern and reliable electronic direct-spark ignition, this pool heater is both reliable and easy to operate.

Jet-Ported Eugenox Burners – Truly designed for durability and easy maintenance, it features top-quality jet-ported Eugenox burners that will reliably heat any medium-sized above ground pool for years of fun in the sun.

FireTile Combustion Chamber – Unlike inferior forms of insulation, FireTile is known for its ability to trap heat. With a combustion chamber lined in FireTile, the H100ID1 effortlessly heats and retains heat for maximum efficiency.

Cutting-Edge Induced Draft Technology – Thanks to its industry-leading induced draft technology, this well-made little pool heater performs great in all weather conditions.

120-Volt Cord Included – Comes with a plug-in 120-volt electric cord, making installation as easy as can be.

Low NOx Emissions – Unlike cheaper 100,000 BTU models, the Hayward H100ID1 produces reduced emissions for an environmentally-friendly pool heating solution.

What We Like

When it comes to heating your pool, it’s important to choose a good pool heater capable of adequately heating your pool in an efficient manner, so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to transform your frigid pool into a warm and inviting year-round backyard oasis.

While the small and well-built Hayward H100ID1 is much more affordable than larger 400,000 BTU units, the power-packed little heater is designed to quickly and efficiently heat any small to medium-sized above ground pool. In addition to being well-built like the majority of Hayward’s products, it features induced draft technology to efficiently heat your pool’s water in nearly all weather conditions. For small above ground pools up to 450 square feet, this top-notch pool heater is tough to beat.

The Limitations

Hayward is well-known for making quality pool heaters, but the low price tag of this small and efficient heater immediately raises concerns regarding its longevity. While the H100ID1 probably won’t last 30 years like some of the larger more expensive models on the market today, it's surprisingly durable and will last many years with proper care.