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LED controls

Extremely durable


Corrosion resistant




Hayward HP50TA 50000 Review

The Hayward HP50TA is one of the most cost effective pool heaters on the market today, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in performance.

It also features a titanium counter-flow heat exchanger, which is highly corrosion resistant and unrivaled in the performance category. On top of that, the HP50TA is equipped with a protective cabinet and grill that are resistant to UV rays, vibrations, and blistery cold winter conditions. Needless to say, it’s as durable as pool heaters come.

Not only is the HP50TA extremely durable, but it’s equipped with a super quiet compressor and specially designed fan for minimum energy use and maximum airflow as well. Therefore, it runs quieter and is much more economical than nearly every other pool heater out there.

In addition to these cutting-edge design features, the folks at Hayward also decided to equip the HP50TA with an Ultra Gold coated evaporator coil, injection molded body panels, a polyethylene screen, and stainless steel hardware for uncompromising durability. Like most modern swimming pool heaters, it also comes with an easy to use LED control panel and display, providing you with digital temperature readings and allowing you to easily maintain your pool’s water temperature at all times with a simple press of a button.

Where to Install the Hayward HP50TA 50000

Since the last thing you want is discharged air recirculating back into the heater and causing it to run less efficiently, it’s important to install the Hayward HP50TA with at least 72 inches of clearance above the heat pump and 24 inches on the sides, providing you with unrestricted air intake. Thus, it shouldn’t be installed under a deck, porch, or anywhere with a low overhang.

Is a Flow Meter Required for Pools with Large Pumps?

It has a flow rate of 30 to 70 gallons per minute. If you have a large pool pump that provides significantly more flow, Hayward recommends the use of a flow meter to ensure a flow rate within the desired range.

Using It

Unlike natural gas or propane heaters that are more expensive to operate and typically only run when you want to take a dip, this Hayward heat pump is designed to run consistently and keep your pool at your desired temperature. Thanks to its convenient and easy to use digital LED display, setting and adjusting your desired temp is easy as can be.

Final Words

Despite being a little more costly than other 50,000 BTU pool heaters, the Hayward HP50TA 50000 is hands down one of the best pool heaters available for small pools under 13,000 gallons in size. With a ton of impressive features and design elements, this nifty little heat pump will allow you to keep your pool at whatever temp you like at all times.

When its quiet operation, energy efficiency, compact design, and durability are also considered, it’s easy to see why the Hayward HP50TA is one of the most popular small swimming pool heaters on the market today.


Thanks to its electronic temperature control, the HP50TA is able to keep your pool’s water at your desired temperature all of the time, making it unbelievably energy efficient and convenient to use.

Light and Compact Modern Design – The Hayward HP50TA only weighs 120 pounds and features a modern compact design, making it easy to install and appealing to the eye.

Titanium ArmourCoil Heat Exchanger
– The state-of-the-art titanium ArmourCoil heat exchanger of the HP50TA features an exclusive coating that protects it from harsh chemicals and corrosion.

Ultra Gold Coated Evaporator Coil
– Unlike most pool heaters, the HP50TA comes with an Ultra Gold coated evaporator coil that’s also highly corrosion resistant.

Digital LED Control Panel – The LED control panel of the HP50TA is easy to use, provides digital temperature readings, and features self-diagnostics capabilities, which warns you when the unit isn’t performing at its best and tells you what needs to be serviced or fixed.

220V/240V Power Source – While larger pool heaters typically run on propane or natural gas, the Hayward HP50TA is entirely electric and runs on 220V/240V, making it environmentally friendly and much less expensive to operate.

What We Like

Hayward has a solid reputation for making some of the best swimming pool heaters on the market today, and the company’s HP50TA is no exception. In addition to having a name that sounds like something out of “The Terminator,” this high-end pool heater is intelligently designed with a range of features that make it energy-efficient, easy to use, quiet to operate, and one of the best heaters out there for today's small pool owners.

With a heat output of 50,000 BTUs, this little beast of a heat pump can heat up to 13,000 gallons of water to a balmy 80 degrees in a single day. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. Thanks to its Ultra Gold coated evaporator coil, titanium heat exchanger, LED controls, and other smart design elements, the Hayward HP50TA is durable, reliable, and quite user-friendly as well.

It may cost a little more than similar-sized natural gas or propane pool heaters, but this efficient heat pump will last for years and save you thousands in the long run. What’s not to like about that?

The Limitations

While the Hayward HP50TA is made to flat out perform, it’s a little pricey for a 50,000 BTU pool heater. As mentioned, however, it’s designed to be much more energy efficient than less expensive heaters. In fact, many happy pool owners have reported saving hundreds of dollars in their very first year of owning this heat pump. Lower cost models also have reputations for being unreliable. The Hayward, however, is designed to run efficiently and problem-free for several years.