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No overheating


More expensive than smaller units

Pentair 460737 Review

If you’re tired of your large pool looking and feeling like Lake Eerie in the winter, the Pentair 460737 400,000 BTU Pool Heater may very well be one of the most life-changing events of your life.

You’ll likely notice its compact and lightweight design the moment it arrives for install. Soon after, you’ll be glad you chose this popular pool heater when you’re lounging poolside and listening to the birds chirping instead of a loud, bulky model humming in your ear! Easy to install on any equipment pad and in the tightest of spaces, it definitely doesn’t take long to get this fully pre-mixed heating system up and going, and after it is, it can heat up your pool in no time and you won’t even know it’s running.

With a hot surface ignition and easy to use digital controls, the Pentair 460737 fires right up at the press of a button as well. Not only does this mean you’ll never have to get down on all fours and try to light a pilot light on a cold and windy November night, but the digital LED controls and indicator lights make operating and monitoring this industry-leading pool heater a breeze. To top it all off, the digital display rotates as well, so you can control the heater and keep an eye on its performance regardless of how it’s placed on your equipment pad.

While the super quiet operation, ease of use, and efficiency of the Pentair 460737 puts it lightyears ahead of many other 400,000 BTU pool heaters on the market, it’s also incredibly safe and reliable. In fact, it’s equipped with a range of features that prevent it from overheating and keep it operating just as it should. With high limit switches that automatically turn the heater off when the water temp gets too high, a water pressure switch, a stack flue sensor, and a durable composite exterior, the Pentair 460737 400,000 BTU Pool Heater is made to perform at its best for years of enjoyment.

Ideal Locations for the Pentair 460737 400,000 BTU Pool Heater

If you install the heater below your pool or more than 24 inches above your pool, you’ll need to adjust the pressure switch for optimal performance. Also, if you plan on installing the heater under an enclosure, there must be at least three feet of clearance between the top of the heater and the roof. The heater must also have open space on three sides for proper airflow and ventilation.

What is the Heater’s Minimum Safe Operating Temperature?

It should not be operated outdoors when the temperature falls below -20 F.

Using It

This modern swimming pool heater is equipped with a state-of-the-art rotating digital LED display and control panel with self-diagnostics capabilities, which makes it extremely easy to operate and maintain.

Final Words

The Pentair 460737 can turn your icebox of a backyard into a warm and inviting tropical oasis in no time, allowing you to get the most out of your investment and truly enjoy the relaxation you deserve.


At the top of the list in energy-efficiency, eco-friendliness, reliability, and performance, this compact and technologically advanced pool heater is arguably the best 400,000 BTU pool heater around.

Compact Footprint – Smaller than nearly every other high-performance heater out there, the Pentair 460737 400,000 BTU pool heater is easy to install and will leave your poolscape beautiful and unblemished.

Efficient Pre-Mixed System
– Coming fully pre-mixed with a super-efficient air and gas mixture, the Pentair heats up pool water remarkably quick and allows you to enjoy your pool or spa whenever you want without waiting for hours on end.

Hot Surface Ignition
– Thanks to its hot surface ignition, the Pentair fires right up with a simple press of a button. Unlike older gas or propane gas heaters, this advanced pool heater doesn’t have a pilot light, which are infamous for blowing out and needing lit at the worst possible times.

Digital LED Controls – Like other top-notch modern swimming pool heaters, the Pentair 460737 400,000 BTU Pool Heater has a user-friendly digital LED control panel with convenient indicator lights and self-diagnostic capabilities, making it laughably easy to operate and virtually maintenance-free. Unlike other heaters, however, this cutting-edge pool heater features a rotating display, which allows you to view the temp and operate it easier than ever before.

Low NOx Emissions – For a gas heater, the Pentair 460737 is remarkably eco-friendly. In fact, it’s certified for low NOx emissions, making it an ideal option for an eco-friendly individual or anyone living in states with low NOx emission standards, such as Texas and California.

What We Like

The Pentair 460737 400,000 BTU Pool Heater honestly offers all of the reliability, convenience, efficiency, and eco-friendliness you could ask for in a pool and spa heater. The eco-friendly and energy-efficient unit operates incredibly quietly and efficiently while being certified for low NOx emissions. It also features user-friendly controls and indicator lights, which makes operating and monitoring the pool heater easy as can be and allows you to get the most out of your leisure time.

In addition to working like a dream, it is also built with safety in mind. In fact, it comes equipped with a high limit switch, water pressure switch, and stack flue sensor, ensuring it always runs great and never overheats. Best of all, the highly efficient 400,000 pool heater can heat the largest of pools, so unless you’re going after the world record for the largest swimming pool ever built, the Pentair 460737 is more than capable of keeping your backyard oasis warm and inviting at all times.

The Limitations

With so much performance at such a reasonable price, trying to find any negatives is easier said than done. After all, it’s compact, looks good, and works like a dream; what else could you ask for in a pool heater?

The only real drawback to owning this power-packed pool heater would be its running cost. Although it’s designed to be one of the most efficient pool heaters on the market today, the sheer fact that it’s a 400,000 propane gas pool heater makes it a little more expensive to operate than smaller units.