Zodiac Legacy LRZ250EP Review & Rating

  • Zodiac Legacy LRZ250EP Review
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Easy hook up

Modern digital controls

Electronic ignition

Self diagnostic option

Freeze protection


lackluster exterior design

Zodiac Legacy LRZ250EP Review

The LRZ250EP also comes equipped with sealed controls and a hot surface ignition, providing industry-leading reliability in extreme weather conditions. Meanwhile, the heater’s patented flo-thru baffles and copper heat exchanger help ensure efficient heat transfer to boost its efficiency and allow you to enjoy a comfortably warm pool throughout the winter months without drastically raising your electric bill. It also features non-corrosive polymer headers with universal union connections, making it easy to hook-up and ensuring it lasts for years.

In addition to these impressive design elements, the Zodiac Legacy LRZ250EP also features a digital display and control panel, so you can effortlessly adjust the temperature settings for your pool or spa. With these modern digital controls, the LRZ250EP is completely programmable as well. If that weren’t enough, the advanced heater also has self-diagnostic capabilities, which tells you what needs adjusted or fixed and cuts down on your maintenance expenses.

When you factor in its one-touch automation, freeze protection, and maintain temp functions, the Zodiac Legacy LRZ250EP is hands down one of the best 250,000 BTU pool heaters on the market today. Of course, like any quality product, it’s backed by a full one-year warranty as well. With a stellar reputation for performance and reliability, this pool heater will likely be the last pool heater you ever have to buy.

Best Locations for the Zodiac Legacy LRZ250EP

Like most pool heaters, this 250,000 BTU Legacy model is ideal for altitudes under 2,000 feet. If you live in an area over 2,000 feet in elevation, this pool heater may not be an ideal heating solution for your pool. However, you should talk with pool companies and other pool owners before ruling out this popular pool heating option.

Using It

Not only is the LRZ250EP incredibly easy to install, but it’s quite easy to use as well. Thanks to its digital control panel and display, you can turn it on with a single press of a button and enjoy a pool that’s the exact temperature you want. It also has a maintain temp function that can be used to keep your pool at a balmy 80 degrees throughout the winter or all year long.

Is It Environmentally Friendly?

Although this popular pool heater is not a low NOx model, it is remarkably energy efficient, which makes it an environmentally friendly pool heating option. That being said, it may not be available in areas with low NOx emissions requirements.

The Verdict

Are you sick and tired of leaving your beautiful pool covered up eight months out of the year?

If so, the Zodiac Legacy LRZ250EP may be the answer to your cold water woes. Designed with performance, energy efficiency, reliability, and ease of use in mind, this power-packed little pool heater is simply one of the best 250,000 BTU pool heaters on the market today.


The Zodiac Legacy LRZ250EP is a lightweight and reliable pool heater that utilizes advanced technology to outperform most 250,000 BTU pool heaters being made today.

Light and Compact Design – The Legacy LRZ250EP is 15 percent smaller and 33 percent lighter than other 250,000 BTU units.

Copper Heat Exchanger and Flo-Thru Baffles – The LRZ250EP is equipped with a top-notch copper heat exchanger and patented flo-thru baffles that efficiently transfer heat and reduce energy consumption.

Ceramic Fiber Combustion Chamber
– Like the other pool heaters in Zodiac’s Legacy line, this unit comes with a lightweight and non-corrosive ceramic fiber combustion chamber for years of efficient use.

Polymer Headers and Universal Union Connections – With polymer headers and CPVC universal union connections, the Zodiac Legacy LRZ250EP 250,000 BTU Pool Heater is able to run more reliably and efficiently while being much easier to install.

Electronic Hot Surface Ignition
– Unlike traditional gas or propane pool heaters with pilot lights, the LRZ250EP features an electronic hot surface ignition for reliable push-button operation year after year.

Digital Control Panel and Display – With a state-of-the-art digital control panel and display, programming your desired water temperature and making adjustments to your pool and spa set-points is as easy as 1-2-3.

Self-Diagnostics – The self-diagnostics function of the Zodiac Legacy LRZ250EP lets you know when something isn’t performing just right and drastically cuts down on service calls and expenses.

What We Like

Zodiac has a long history of making quality heaters that flat out perform, and the company’s Legacy LRZ250EP does just that. Like other Zodiac Legacy pool heaters, the LRZ250EP is a technologically advanced, user-friendly, and energy-efficient pool heating solution.

Thanks to its electronic ignition, you’ll never have to worry about lighting a pilot light on a cold dark night ever again. With a copper heat exchanger, polymer header, and flo-thru baffles as well, the Zodiac Legacy LRZ250EP performs extremely well with less energy use, making it a surprisingly affordable pool heating solution for pools up to 20,000 gallons in size.

To top it all off, this efficient yet powerful 250,000 BTU pool heater features digital controls and self-diagnostics capability, making it incredibly easy to operate and virtually maintenance free. With a laundry list of features and a competitive price tag, it’s easy to see why the Zodiac Legacy LRZ250EP has become one of the most popular heaters for small to medium-sized pools on the market today.

The Limitations

While the Legacy LRZ250EP is easy to use and works great for medium-sized pools, it’s not as sleek or modern looking as a few other pool heaters out there. That being said, most pool owners cover their pool heaters anyways, so you shouldn’t be too concerned with its lackluster exterior design.